Uft Contract Teachers

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What are UFT Contract Teachers?

UFT Contract Teachers are teachers in the New York City Department of Education who are employed under the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) collective bargaining agreement. These teachers are hired on a contractual basis and are entitled to various benefits and protections provided by the UFT.

The UFT is a labor union that represents over 200,000 educational professionals in New York City, including teachers, guidance counselors, and school nurses. The collective bargaining agreement negotiated by the UFT outlines working conditions, pay scales, and other benefits for teachers employed in the city`s public schools.

How are UFT Contract Teachers Different from Regular Teachers?

UFT Contract Teachers differ from regular teachers in several ways. First, they are hired on a contractual basis, whereas regular teachers are permanent employees of the Department of Education. Second, UFT Contract Teachers are entitled to certain benefits and protections that regular teachers may not receive.

For example, UFT Contract Teachers are eligible for paid parental leave, which regular teachers are not entitled to receive. Additionally, UFT Contract Teachers have the option to participate in the UFT Welfare Fund, which provides healthcare, dental, and vision benefits.

UFT Contract Teachers also have certain protections that regular teachers may not have. For example, they are entitled to due process in case of disciplinary action. Additionally, they are protected against arbitrary or capricious evaluations and are entitled to file grievances if they feel that their contractual rights have been violated.

What are the Job Requirements for UFT Contract Teachers?

To become a UFT Contract Teacher, an individual must meet the same certification requirements as regular teachers. This includes obtaining a bachelor`s degree, completing an approved teacher-preparation program, and passing the New York State Teacher Certification Examinations.

Additionally, UFT Contract Teachers must have a valid teaching certificate and be a member of the UFT. They must also have experience working as a teacher in a New York City public school.


UFT Contract Teachers are an essential part of the New York City public school system. As contractual employees of the Department of Education, they are entitled to various benefits and protections provided by the UFT collective bargaining agreement. If you are interested in becoming a UFT Contract Teacher, it is important to meet the certification requirements and to become a member of the UFT.