How to Change Custody Agreement in Arkansas

Changing a custody agreement in Arkansas can be a complex and emotional process. However, with the right guidance and knowledge, it can be done successfully. In this article, we will discuss the steps involved in modifying a custody agreement in Arkansas.

Step 1: Review the Existing Custody Agreement

Before attempting to change a custody agreement, it`s essential to have a clear understanding of the existing agreement. Review the order carefully, paying attention to all the details.

Step 2: Identify the Reasons for Modification

The next step is to identify the reasons for seeking a modification of the custody agreement. Some of the valid reasons include:

– Change in work schedule

– Relocation of a parent

– Change in the child`s needs or living arrangements

– Abuse or neglect of the child

– Substance abuse or addiction of a parent

Step 3: File a Motion for Modification

After identifying the reasons for modification, the next step is to file a motion with the court. The motion should include a detailed explanation of why the current custody agreement needs to be modified and provide evidence to support your claims.

Step 4: Attend a Hearing

After filing the motion, the court will schedule a hearing to determine whether or not to modify the custody agreement. Both parents will be required to attend the hearing, and the judge will hear testimony from both parties and any witnesses.

Step 5: Consider Mediation

In some cases, the court may require the parents to attend mediation to try and resolve the issues before going to trial. Mediation is a voluntary process, and if an agreement is reached, it will be presented to the judge for approval.

Step 6: Finalize the Agreement

If the court determines that a modification is necessary, the parents will need to work together to finalize the new custody agreement. This agreement should be in writing and signed by both parents before being presented to the judge for approval.

In conclusion, changing a custody agreement in Arkansas can be a complicated process, but it`s not impossible. With the right knowledge and guidance, modifying a custody agreement can be done successfully. Remember to review the existing custody agreement, identify the reasons for modification, file a motion, attend a hearing, consider mediation, and finalize the agreement. With these steps, you can successfully modify your custody agreement to meet your family`s changing needs.